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Buy nothing day

23.11.2018 07:21:24

It's that time of the year again: the year's biggest celebration of consumerism, Christmas, is looming over. But even here in Finland it's not just Christmas anymore that makes people go and mindlessly buy things they don't need; no, we need to start the wasteful buying of things early before December. The American phenomenon of Black Friday has made it's way over here, machined by the merchants who know well how to exploit the generations that grew up on the internet, learning everything about all the cool American "traditions".

If you're about to take part in the consumption mania of today, I would ask you to consider the following: make it a buy nothing day instead. At the very least, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you really need the thing you thought of buying today? Would you buy it even if it wasn't on sale? If you have an item similar to what you're about to buy, still in good condition, do you really need a new one this soon?
  • Consider what you might do with the money saved if you didn't spontaneously spend it on things just because they were on sale for one day (or in the case of Finland, for a whole week!)
  • Think about what the impact of overconsuming things such as electronics is to the environment.

Happy buy nothing day.