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A Game About Carrots

5.8.2018 16:02:35

I've had little time for hobby programming in the past two months due to working abroad. However, while in India my colleague, Laura (who was also there) told me she wanted to make a game. She began drawing some pixel art and on the off hours, I wrote some good old C code.

The game we began writing is Porkkana, Finnish for the word carrot. The game concept is very small and, uh, sort of unclear. Actually, I'm not sure we completely even know what the game is going to be about yet, other than that you grow carrots in it. And that you feed the carrots to bunnies. There's probably going to be some sort of trouble coming your way though, like carrots dying or getting stolen. Who knows.

Most of the engine code I was able to steal from MUTA, my primary project at this time. I copy pasted the OpenGL rendering and the immediate mode GUI system as well as various utilities I always use from different projects. The gameplay code itself is in one file at this point and less than 1000 lines long. The amount of hours spent on programming the game is actually very low, but every now and then I might spend an hour or two on the code in the evening. The most time-consuming thing so far has been getting Android building to work; it does now, but getting to that point took probably at least a full 8 hour work day's worth of time. If there's one thing I hate in this world, it's the Android native code toolchain that seems to change every year.

I'm also returning back to working on MUTA. Currently I'm working on the client hotkey system and UI Lua API. But there's no hurry here, I work on the game when I feel like it.

Oh, and here are some musical picks that I've been playing too much this summer (mostly house and techno, old and new).
Kangding Ray - Summerend
Paul Johnson - Music's In Me
DJ Metatron - U'll Be The King of The Stars
Gianluca Nasci - Stimulation (Stanny Abram Remix)
System F - Dance Valley Theme 2001