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On Finland deporting Russian diplomats

28.3.2018 08:41:25

Note: this post contains personal opinions reflective only of the author's views and not necessarily of anyone else who partakes in the upkeep of this website.

Often times nowadays, politicians in democratic societies appear as if they have completely abandoned ideology. Ideology is often frowned upon, at least if it isn't of the kind that emphasizes the growth of the markets, increasing the amount of foreign investments in the country, or something in that fashion. But emphasizing these points, of course, is not viewed as ideology at all - it is merely viewed as pragmatism through the narrow lens of market centricism.

But sometimes ideology still makes an appearance. You've probably heard of many EU countries deporting Russian diplomats because of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Britain, an incident the culprit of, the UK and US claim, is Russia. Finland is amongst those countries.

Now, I don't know who poisoned Skripal. But I believe that neither do Finnish officials. All they have, at least so I believe, is the word of two NATO countries, the US and the UK. And how trustworthy exactly is that word?

In the traditional nationalist Russia-fearing Finnish mindset where everything that comes from the west is superior, held on to by a certain portion of the population, the word of said countries is apparently very trustworthy, at least if it's an excuse to provoke the grand eastern neighbour (which is rather analogous to playing with fire). Never you mind the UK only gave Russia a single day to respond to the accusations they made, or the fact no evidence of Russian interference has been released to the public.

I feel as if Finnish politicians, those who are afraid of Russia at least, are forgetting what the best strategy has always been for "defense" in this small country between two great powers: neutrality. And diplomacy. Not only are we now making decisions based on no evidence, but we're risking our eastern relationship in the name of the ideology of West is Best, and not even for the first time.

Of course, if it is proven Russia was behind the attack, it's a different matter. But this hasn't happened, not so far at least.