We fulfill power fantasies

MUTA, or Multi User Time-wasting Activity is a sword and sorcery -themed 2D isometric MMORPG under development. It's our current main project and features a seamless, tile-based world as well as skill-based progression. The main focus is on player interaction through economy, conflict and social ties.

The server and client are both written in C for the Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems.


Karistys is multiplayer FPS game and engine prototype. It features arena FPS combat with rocket jumps and all the other jazz over the internet.

This was a learning project that was created from scratch in 5 months, since abandoned.

The engine and the game are written in C and run on Windows and GNU/Linux.

itch.io gitlab

Galaksit Rajahtaa, or as some disgraceful folks name it, Matching Stars, is a match 3 mobile game written the Android platform. It's written in C++ using the Android NDK.

itch.io gitlab